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OPERA San Antonio in the News

Opera San Antonio Blog: "In Tune" - Mimi Transformed: Adaptations of La Bohème

La Bohème is over a century old, but in many ways, it’s as fresh as the day it premiered at the Turin opera house on February 1, 1896. While the opera’s lush score is largely to thank for its persistent vitality, its varied adaptations over the years have also played a significant role in introducing Bohème to new audiences and presenting innovative takes on Giacomo Puccini’s magnum opus. 

OPERA San Antonio Blog: "In Tune" - La Bohème: The Critics, the Public and Me

Audiences love it, critics originally hated it, and time has made it a classic. Explore the many unique perspectives and critiques of "La Bohème" from audience members, opera critics and cast members alike.


Meet Jessica Jones! The voice behind Musetta, the flirtatious singer in our upcoming production of La Bohème.

The History of Puccini's La Bohème

What's the story behind La Bohème? Read more to understand Puccini's journey in composing the famous tale of two lovers. 

OPERA San Antonio Blog: "In Tune" - The Scandals of La Bohème

The 1800s were a time of remarkable political upheaval, social change, and artistic flourishing, and the biographies of those who defied society’s mores were far from puritanical. Some would be considered scandalous even by today’s standards. Puccini’s La Bohème, which premiered in 1896 in Turin, Italy, celebrates just that sort of defiance. 

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Q&A with Schaunard

Get to know Andrew McLaughlin who plays the role of Schaunard in our upcoming production of La Bohème!

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OPERA San Antonio Blog: "In Tune"

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor (MGM),1987

See how La Bohème makes guest appearances in movies and shows that we have all seen and love. 

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Happy Birthday Henry Murger!

Did you know that Henry is the inspiration behind La Bohème? Read more to learn how his story influenced one of Puccini's most beloved operas. 

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Introducing Adam Diegel

Adam Diegel is the new Artistic Director of Opera San Antonio, appointed in January 2018. Before joining Opera San Antonio, he had a 15-year career as an operatic tenor. 

Adam grew up in Memphis, and graduated from the University of Memphis. He began serious voice studies after singing in a church choir. That led to his winning the Regional Audition for the Metropolitan Opera. After competing in the National Finals, he was selected to study in the Yale University School of Music. As a singer, Adam....

Leadership Change Complete With New Executive Director At Opera SA

credit: Natalie Matthews Studio

Hired last week, business consultant and longtime opera patron Liz Tullis has begun her new job as Opera San Antonio’s new executive director, the latest in a series of leadership changes that include the recent naming of tenor Adam Diegel as the organization’s new artistic director.

“Adam can focus on maintaining the high quality of performance ....

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